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Gallery 6

101. Pearl Masterworks 14×5.5 Maple/Gum shell with Black Limba outer ply, gold

102. Pearl Masterworks 12×4.5 Maple/Gum shell with Black Limba outer ply, gold hardware

103. British Drum Company 14×6.5 “Merlin” 20ply Birch/Maple shell in Paduak veneer

104. Rukus 14×6.6 10ply Hybrid Shell: Santos Rosewood- Mahogany-Wenge-Mahogany-Santos Rosewoods. The Santos Rosewood has a Teal gloss outer finish with Rosewood inside.

105. Rukus 14×6.5 8ply Maple shell in Tigerwood Satin veneer, black nickel hardware.

106. Rukus 14×6.5 seemless spun Aluminum shell in a Mod Grind Rose color.

107. Solid Drums Switzerland Limited Gold Leaf Diamond #3 of 10. 14×5 stave Swiss Maple shell with 12 ct Moon gold and 23.47 ct Rose gold. Hand rolled steel hoops and proprietary lugs.

108. Middlecentre 14×5 stave Sakura (Cherry Blossom) from Japan. The top wood hoop has a top ply of Ume (Japanese Plum Tree.) All solid brass hardware.

109. Sugar Percussion 14×6 stave Alaskan Yellow Cedar shell in the “painted polar colors” available from Sugar Percussion in a Piet Mondrian art style homage. First of its kind.

110. Pearl 14×5 Chrome over Brass mid 1970s with die cast top hoop. This is the same series drum used by Steward Copeland from 1980 on with The Police on subsequent records and tours. It’s not a proper “Jupiter” model as that has a steel shell, different throw off and the vent hole is in the center of the drum. The “Copeland” model is like this— with the vent hole at the bottom of the shell.

111. Bucks County Drum Co 14×6.5 Jatoba ply shell (Brazilian Cheery) with Royal Ebony veneer.

112. Sonor Lite 14×7 1/4 from the late 80s. 12 ply Birch with Rosewood veneer inside and out along with the Signature style parallel strainer.

113. Serenity 14×7 Cheery ply hand painted “Nebula” series. Made for 10 plies of old English Cherry, leather and coin lugs. The coins are from the Commonwealth of Australia and are dated from the 1920s and 1930s. 1970s Premier die cast hoops treated with pigment and glitter from award winning make up artist, Karla Powell. Jon Hammond (Serenity) usually hand carves drums but produced this limited series of ply shell and this was the last to be made.

114. Serenity solid wood sculpted 14×6.5. This was the last Serenity snare commissioned and made. A center band of spalted Ash, and segments of Amazonian Greenheart and (Congo) Azobe and Bilinga. These woods spent decades at the side of the Thames River in London. The Bilinga and Azobe have a provenance— there were on Teddington Lock right outside the BBC Teddington Television studios. Monty Python filmed the “Fish Slapping Dance” on them, The Beatles docked at Teddington Lock after a “welcome back from America” Thames ride, walked on these as police held back throngs of screaming fans—and had the footsteps of British Television history giants from Peter Sellers, Benny Hill, Rowan Atkinson, and Ricky Gervais on them through the decades. Britannia Pennies adorn the leather lugs dated from 1906 through the 20s.

#115. Groove Drum Co. (from Portugal) 14x6.25 Pear wood shell. Santos Rosewood center veneer with blue Birdseye. “Todd Sucherman” engraved in “G” logo.

#116. Solid Drums Switzerland stave 16”x6” two tone stave Swiss Flame Apple and Tulipwood. Inside shell is two tone blue and silver.

#117. Slingerland 14x7 from between 1956 and 1959. It appears to be Mahogany and Maple, possibly Poplar. This was acquired from the collection of the great Dave Mattacks.

#118. Sugar Percussion stave Sequoia. Sequoia is a protected wood and this tree fell in 1981 on a 30 foot snowbank and was felled legally by two men who received government permission. Some of this wood made it to Jefferson Shallenberger some 35 years later who made (I believe) three drums from this stock. This tree was 25’ wide and is estimated between 3500 & 5000 years old.

#119. Pearl Music City Custom 14x6.5 solid steam bent Ash with Kingwood inlay. These are handcrafted in the USA

#120. Pearl Stave Craft 14x6.5 Makha with Dadoloc system. Stave construction with 25mm thick Asian Makha wood.

#121. Yamaha Recording Custom 14x8 in Quartz Grey lacquer from the late 1980s.

#122. Spirit 14x5.5 from Australia. This is a solid shell hollowed out from a Cooktown Ironwood tree log around 2000/2001.

#123. Ebenor 14x6.5 Noranda Copper “gold edition” from Quebec, Canada. This is the 1000th drum produced by Will Leclerc from Ebenor.

#124. Red Rock Drums Australia 14x7 stave Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle over Tasmanian Oak with French polish. The Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle is very rare.
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