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Inside Todd Sucherman's Studio

Masterworks Sonic Select Studio Recipe 6 Ply Drums
4 maple, 2 inner plies of gum, the veneer is Cameron Black Limba with a Black Burst

Head Sizes

6″x7″ Tom, 8″x7″ Tom, 10″x8″ Tom, 12″x8″ Tom, 14″x14″ Floor Tom, 16″x16″ Floor Tom, 18”x16” Floor Tom, 20″x14″ Gong Drum, (2) 22″x16″ Bass Drums, 12″x4.5″ Snare Drum, 14″x5.5” Snare Drum 4’x6″ Pearl Rocket Toms.

All Pearl hardware with Icon Rack in 24K Gold Finish.

Sabian Cymbals
left to right (and may change on any given day)

21” Prototype China (like a 21” Paragon), 17” AAX-V Crash, 14” HHX Evolution Hi Hats (or 14” Artisans or “14 AA Regular Hi Hats), 19” AAX-V Crash (or 19” HHX Legacy Crash), 6” AA Splash, 8” AAX Splash, 10” AA Splash (or 10” HHX Evolution Splash) 22” Todd Sucherman Prototype Ride, 14” Cymbal Vote Compression Hats, 20” Artisan Crash, 19” Paragon China, 9” Prototype Bell, 22” Artisan Crash (or 22” HHX Legacy Crash or 22” AAX-V Crash)

REMO Drumheads

Clear Ambassadors on Toms (top and bottom). Ambassador Bass on Gong drum. Powerstroke 3 on Bass Drums. Coated Ambassador on top and Hazy Snare Sides on Snare Drums. Clear Ambassadors on Rocket Toms.


Todd Sucherman Signature SD330W Sticks


I5s, D2s, D4s, D6s, ADX51s, SCX-25As, CX-212s.
Mic Pres by Neve, Focusrite, Presonus and Universal Audio.


Black Limba stick holder by Artisan Customs. Drum Waiter (beverage, keys, watch, phone holder) by Kentville Drums Australia.

My Father's Last Kit, and My First...

1969 Slingerland in Mahogany Finish

12″x8″ Tom
14″x14″ Floor Tom
18″x14″ Bass Drum
14″x5″ 1969 Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum


20″ 1960s Turkish K
14″ Sabian HHX Legacy Hi Hats
20″ Sabian HH Raw Dry Ride
22″ Sabian HHX Legacy Heavy Ride
20″ Sabian Encore Flat Ride
The Todd Sucherman Snare Collection

Check out more than 100 beautiful snare drums
in Todd's collection!