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Gallery 2

21. Pearl Masterworks 14X5 solid Rosewood shell.

22. Pearl Model M-1946 50th Anniversary Snare Drum, solid Maple shell.

23. Pearl Masterworks 12×6 10 ply.

24. Pearl Masterworks 12X6 Bubinga Walnut Burst 8 ply.

25. Pearl Masterworks 14X5 1/2, one in 10 ply and one in 8 ply.

26. Pearl 10×6 Maple ply.

27. Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature snare 14X6 1/2.

28. Pearl Ultra Cast 14X5 aluminium shell.

29. Pearl Masterworks 14X6 Bubinga Walnut Burst 20 ply.

30. C&C Custom 14×5.5 solid Craviotto shell, Red Paua abalone finish.

31. C&C Custom 14X4 solid maple shell by Craviotto in Black Paua finish.

32. Brady 14×5.5 Jarrah ply, Blackheart veneer.

33. George Way 14×6.5 copper shell.

34. Acoutin Custom 14×6 Walnut and Sea Foam Steel.

35. Tempus 14×6 Fiberglass “Canadian Blue” Blue/Silver sparkle fade.

36. Tempus 14×6.5 Purple Sparkle drum made of hemp, Milestone badge.

37. Canopus Zelkova 14×5.5 hunked out of a solid Zelkova tree indigenous to Japan.

38. Beier Drums 3mm Brass 14×6.5.

39. Beier 14×5 Nickel plated Aluminum shell engraved.

40. Beier Drums 14×5 black brass shell.
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