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Gallery 4

61. Ludwig 14X5 Bronze shell Supraphonic.

62. 14×7 Qdrum made by Sebastian Plenzner in Poland.

63. Phattie “Sounds Like Art” 14×6 engraved Mahogany Stave shell.

64. Trick 14X4 aluminium shell.

65. Trick 12X6 aluminium soprano snare.

66. Rhythm King 14X6 Pacific Maple Burl with turquoise inlay on segmented shell

67. DW Timeless Timber Birch 14X5 

68. Slingerland 14×5 Aluminum shell from early 70s.

69. Brady 14 x 6.5 Jarrah ply Kakadu Gloss xxxx in another

70. Beat Boogie 14 x 5.5 Ash ply shell in Mahogany veneer

71. 14×5 Pearl Masterworks 3mm Brass shell. Entire drum plated in Rose Gold.

72. Beier 1.5 mm Steel 14 x 6.5

73. Outlaw Drums 14X7 stave Heart Pine.

74. Outlaw Drums 14×3.5 stave Heart Pine.

75. 14X6 Provenance Drum made in England by Tim Broughton.

76. 14×5.5 Provenance snare. Stave construction shell of Purple Heart. Built from the Victorian age decking of the West Pier in Brighton, England.

77. 14×6.5 Joyful Noise Winged Bronze Eitle #001

78. C&C 14×5 Maple/Gum shell with Macassar Ebony veneer

79. Beier 15×5.5 Steel shell (1.5mm) in white.

80. Pearl 15×5 African Mahogany shell Sensitone
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