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Gallery 5

81. Pearl 14×8 Hybrid Exotic Kapur/Fiberglass shell.

82. Sonor Phonic 14X8 Beechwood shell in white wrap for the early 1980s

83. Van Kleef 14X6.5 Titanium shell, steel and aluminum lugs and hoops

84. Van Kleef Copper shell 14X5.5 with solid Sheffield steel hoops

85. Van Kleef 14X6 Sheffield steel shell snare, steel hoops and lugs.

86. Evetts snare drum from Australia. 14X6.5 spotted gum shell with Australian hardwood inlays. #1 of 10 from the Evetts/Kentville Rose Series.

87. Joyful Noise 14×6.5 TKO Brass engraved 10th Anniversary #01

88. Craviotto 14×5.5 Stacked solid shell Walnut and Mahogany with Cherry inlay.

89. A & F 14×6.5 Raw Brass (in the first 100 made)

90. Evetts 14×8 Tasmanian Blackwood shell with Blackheart Sassafras veneer inside and out.

91. Red Rock Drums Australia 14×5.5 stave Victorian Blackwood Reserve Series #001

92. Oriollo 14×6.5 spun Aluminium shell in vintage orange swirl.

93. Beier 15×4 1.5mm Steel shell

94. Goodman 14×5.5 stave Quilted Maple

95. Rat Rod 14×6.5 stave Maple. The wood is reclaimed lumber from the original Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee.

96. Solid Drums (Switzerland) 14×6.3 stave herringbone from Swiss Plumb and Chequer Tree (Swiss Pear)

97. Canopus Zelkova 30th Anniversary drum 14×6.5. Hollowed out from a solid stump of Zelkova with traditional Japanese Urushi lacquer—pure gold on the wood grain and hardware.

98. Joyful Noise 14×5 brass Blackbird snare, engraved by John Aldridge. 

99. Schagerl 14×6.5 brass “Antares” from Austria.

100. Premier 14×5.5 steel snare drum from 1978
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