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Pearl Masterworks Styx Kit (new as of 2019)

Masterworks Studio Recipe which is 6 ply shells, 4 ply Maple and 2 inner plies of Gum. The finish is Quilted Cameroon Black Limba in a burst. All hardware on the drums are Rose Gold plated with “TS” logo in Rose Gold leaf under the lacquer.

Drum Heads

Remo Clear Ambassadors top and bottoms of toms, top of gong drum. Remo Clear Powerstroke 3s on bass drum batters. Coated Ambassador snare top and Hazy Ambassador snare side on bottom.

TS Logo

Christopher Markos

Front Logo Bass drum Heads
Jim Feck at

Head Sizes

6×7 tom
8×7 tom
10×8 tom
12×8 tom
14×14 floor tom
16×16 floor tom
18×16 floor tom
20×14 gong drum
14×5.5 snare drum
(2) 22×16 bass drums

Sabian Cymbals

All in brilliant finish (left to right):

21" Paragon Prototype China w/6 rivets
18” AAX-V Crash
6” AA Splash
15” AA Medium Hi Hats
8” AAX Splash
19” AAX-V Crash
10” AA Splash
22” Todd Sucherman Signature HH Sessions Ride
14” Artisan Hi Hats
20” AAX-V Crash
9” Prototype Bell
22” Extreme China
22” AAX V-Crash


Todd Sucherman Autograph Series SD330w


Pearl Icon Rack with all Pearl hardware. Powershifter Eliminator Redline bass drum pedals. Dunnett R-Class claps holding tom mics and bass drum mics, rose gold plated. Sonor Signature Hi Hat stand. All overhead hit hat and vocal mic stands machined from Pearl cymbal hardware.

Wood Accouterments

“Dum Waiter” by Steele Turkington at Kentville Drums Australia
Stick Bucket, Stick Holder, and Monitor Pack Holder all with guitar tube lights by Mark Eldridge at Artisan Customs.
Hi Hat Clutch by John Haddad at Cherry Hill Drums


Sabian finger cymbal, Pearl wind chimes and drum set tambourine


Audix D2s on rack toms, D4s on floor toms, i5s on snare drum, D6s in bass drums and gong drum, Ax51s on hi hats, SCXA25s overheads.

Cymbal Stand Microphone Holder

Idea from Redge Adolph

Special Thanks

Thanks to PMI and Pearl USA for everything. Special thanks to those involved in the ideas, design, help and creation of all the elements in this drum set: John Farquharson, Raymond Massey, Kevin Packard, Chris Stankee, Mark Love, Mark Eldridge, Ronn Dunnett, Steele Turkington, John Haddad, Redge Adolph, Chris Markos, Jim Feck, Cindy Bigeh, Lofty Whitaker, Christopher Markos, Steve Lobmeier, Aaron Vishria, Victor Salazar, Jim Handley, and Paulie Carrizzo who is the custodian of this rig!
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