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Gallery 1

1. Stanbridge 14X6.5 Sucherman Signature Empyrean, Amboyna Burl top and bottom of shell, Afzelia Burl in the center with African Blackwood pinstripes. The hoops are Bubinga with African Blackwood top. The throw is a Dunnett with Amboyna throw with a Swarovski crystal.

2. Stanbridge 14X5.25 Block shell, Cherry with Bubinga stripes, Maple hoops.

3. Stanbridge 13×5.5 Pau Ferro/Cocobolo segment shell.

4. 14×6.5 ProMark 50th Anniversary by Stanbridge, Japanese Shakiri White Oak, Hickory badge, Walnut stripes, Maple and Pau Ferro hoops, gold hardware.

5. Stanbridge Ancient Kauri 14×5 with Pau Ferro wood hoops and Maple accent stripe. The New Zealand Kauri shell is carbon dated tested at over 50,000 years old.

6. Stanbridge 14X6 1/2 Block construction Cocobolo wood with African black wood stripes.

7. Stanbridge 14×6.5 Koa, Leopardwood and African Blackwood with Ebony hoops.

8. Stanbridge 14×6 Purpleheart/Pink Ivory segmented shell, Ebony stripes, Pink Ivory throw off.

9. Sonor 14X6 1/2 Phonic Rosewood veneer inside and out, Beech shell from the 80s.

10. Sonor 14X4 Signature Bell Bronze, copper hardware from the early 90s.

11. Sonor Phonic Ferro Manganese Steel 14X6 1/2 from 1980

12. NSMD Deluxe 14X4 drum built and engraved by John Aldridge in 2004.

13. Noble&Cooley solid maple shell Classic SS 14×3 3/4 Honey maple finish from 1990.

14. Noble&Cooley plied 12×6 soprano snare with custom honey maple finish from 1990.

15. Zildjian Noble&Cooley 14×4 7/8 from 1992. Few of these were made.

16. Leedy Broadway 14X5 from ’37 White Marine Pearl, solid mahogany, nickel plated hardware.

17. Dunnett Classic Titanium snare 14X6 1/2 Titanium hoops, engraved shell from 2003.

18. Dunnett 14×6 Monoply Milkwood shell, Rose Marine Pearl finish.

19. Dunnett Classic SS Stainless 14×5.5 x

20. Dunnett Magnesium shell 14×6.5 in “Clown Puke” finish.
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