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Gallery 3

41. Longo 14×6 solid Walnut shell.

42. Exotic Macassar Ebony stave 14×6.

43. Exotic Zebrawood stave 14X6.

44. Exotic Bubinga stave with band 14×6.

45. Exotic 14X6 Hawaiian Koa stave with Stanbridge Jatoba hoops.

46. Rogers 14X5 Chrome Powertone from the early 70s.

47. Premier Black Shadow 14×8 from the 80s.

48. Ayotte 14X4 six ply maple drum, cherry wood stain from 1995.

49. Ayotte 14X5 1/2 10 ply maple drum, smokey purple stain, wood hoops, custom gold badge.

50. Joyous Lake 14X6 1/2 Solid Paduak shell, Cocobolo lugs with Ebony block attachments, Snakewood throw off & butts, Ebony/Bloodwood vent, jade badge.

51. Joyous Lake 14X6.25 Solid Snakewood shell, Zircote lugs, jade badge.

52. Bearing Edge 14X6 Bubinga over 10 ply maple shell, bubinga inside ply, Olive Ash hoops.

53. Drum Solo 14X6 Acacia Koa snare, block construction.

54. Ludwig Downbeat 14×3.5 in White Marine Pearl finish from the 60s.

55. Ludwig 14X5 Acrolite, Keystone badge from 1967.

56. Ludwig 1930s Pioneer model 14×6.5.

57. Ludwig 14X5 Surpa 400 from the late 60s.

58. Ludwig 14X5 Black Beauty engraved by John Aldridge.

59. Ludwig 14X6 1/2 “Brass on Black” Black Beauty.

60. Ludwig 14X6 1/2 Black Beauty.
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